Back To Basics | The perfect poach

For a food so simple, the cooking of the humble egg can raise a world of questions; how long to boil, heat of the water, whether to stir? Let’s be clear, we’re no scientists, but there is definitely a little science and a lot art to perfecting the cooking of this much-loved staple.

Take poaching. Often seen as the healthier method of preparing eggs, but how many of us have mastered the perfect poach? We have whites splitting off in all directions, we have overcooked yolks…do we add vinegar to the water? Old wives’ tale? We asked Group Exec Chef, Jason Wardill, to break things down into easy steps so there’s no excuse for any of us next time we reach for the pan!

“Keep things simple. Simmering water in a deep pan, add some white wine vinegar. Always break your egg into a cup first – making sure it’s intact and no broken yolk. Gently tip into the water and time approximately two minutes, before lifting slightly to test the texture and whether it is set. If set, lift out and place on a draining towel. Plate and season to taste! It’s that simple.

“Watch this short VT and master this delicious and nutritious little number.”

Look out for more in our Back to Basics series as we uncover top tips to address years of culinary headaches!