What We Stand For

Here at The Crown & Cushion, we live by one simple value; fresh, locally sourced and seasonally led food. Nothing too fancy. Just simple, wholesome dishes for everyone to enjoy – although we do love a good special. And we know we natter on about nature and the seasons, but it’s only because we’re really passionate about it. Knowing where each ingredient came from is just one part of our wider commitment to provenance; to respecting where things begin and creating a place where they can come to life more beautifully. It’s what wins us awards year after year. Come and see.

What makes us different?

Not to brag, but we’re good at what we do. Awarding-winning, in fact. Dining at The Crown & Cushion is more than a ‘meal out’. For us, food is as much about the moment as it is about the taste. So we make every penny count, make every guest feel valued and make every meal one to remember. Every member of the team takes our field-to-fork menu a step further; adding in atmosphere, comfort and service, to make it an experience you’ll always remember.



Provenance Partners

So, who are these artisans, these experts we like to hang out with? They’re the folk who share our values, who speak our language, who strive for excellence. We sniff them out to join the effort to bring the very best Yorkshire has to offer to your table. Meet the gang:

  • Yorkshire Wagyu

    Working with over 150 farmers to produce the most unique and delighting Wagyu beef.

  • Wellocks

    Wellocks searches the globe to find producers and farms that take pride in what they produce, from the everyday basics to the most exotic.

  • Soanes

    Soanes works tirelessly to rear Yorkshire’s tastiest chickens, and nothing less will do for our valued customers!

  • MSJ Gardens

    Working with the head gardener and her team, our home-grown luxury is second to none!

  • Country Valley

    Working with farmers, livestock markets and suppliers across the North of England, Country Valley guarantees products of the highest quality.

  • Northern Bloc

    Using fresh, natural ingredients and a chef’s approach to flavour, its mission could not be closer to our own.

  • Coffee Care

    Sustainable, award-winning and genuine folk to work with, what a perfect partnership for our coffee supply.

  • Hodgsons Fish

    A leading supplier of quality, fresh fish to some of the most renowned hotels and restaurants in the north of England.

  • Yorkshire Lobster

    Known to be famous for freshness and famous for flavour, we could not have hopped into bed with a finer bedfellow!


Here at The Crown & Cushion, we like to make life simple. The less fuss, the better. That’s why we’ve introduced our easy-to-use shopping portal; so whether you’re looking for a gift, experience or voucher, you’ll find them all in one place. Job done.

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