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Feeding The Family and Fuelling The Mind

The age-old challenge of appealing to a range of likes and dislikes while ensuring each of the family is eating the right balance of nutrients is real. Perhaps due to months of restrictions, we’ve become ever-more aware of just how little variety our kids have in their diets; it’s an issue as real today as… View Article

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A brief history of our kitchen gardens at Mount St John

Mount St John takes its name from the Commandery of the Knights Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalem, who from the late tenth century had a preceptory here known as the ‘Commandery on Mount Hill’, dedicated to St Mary. The estate became substantial possibly in the order of 20,000 acres and included the villages of… View Article

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Escape to the Garden, Your Garden

The Great Garden Revolution, aired on Channel 4 this month, has seen millions tune in to get valuable insights into how we can make the most of the space we have around us, which has so far included inspiring makeovers and tailored seasonal approaches. This week, social media influencer and trained horticulturist, Poppy Okotcha, leads… View Article

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